Secure payment

What is SSL Secure Payment?
Online transactions have spread exponentially. The need to secure financial transactions on the web is becoming more and more important. Therefore, Netscape in collaboration with MasterCard, Bank of America, MCI and Silicon Graphics developed the SSL standard. This is a public key encryption technique designed to improve the security of data transmission over the Internet. The concept is simple, using an encryption algorithm, a communication channel will be created between two or more computers after an authentication step. It will therefore be difficult for the bad guys to get hold of the various data on the Internet.

Application of SSL on banking transactions
Secure Sockets Layers are used for online banking transactions. To get a concrete idea of ​​how it works, we need to give a simple example. You are on a commercial site and want to purchase a product. To do this, you will need to enter some rather sensitive data, such as your credit card number. If you are in an online shop that does not use SSL, your data can be found in the clear on the internet. To avoid this type of disaster scenario, SSL will encrypt your information. As a result, your credit card number won't circulate on the web, or at least it won't be legible. This process remains a reliable technique used by many websites. In addition, the SSL protocol often benefits from improvements such as strengthened encryption algorithm.